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"I thought that I would drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am after having Enduro Shield applied to two bathroom shower screens, three hand basins, external alfresco bifold doors, internal stainless steel and glass staircase, external stainless steel and glass balcony, kitchen splash back and a seven metre glass stackable door. Since having them protected I haven't purchased a bottle of Spray & Wipe or Windex, of which I was purchasing at least one bottle a week. I am left without any streak marks on either glass or stainless steel and the time it takes me to clean these areas has been reduced by half. Achieving the exact result that I was hoping for, amazing! I have been recommending it to anyone with old or new glass."

K. Coates - East Fremantle (Enduroshield Applications)

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It's easy to be green with EnduroShield

EnduroShield for Tile & Grout

EnduroShield Tile and Grout is specifically designed to reduce the build up of mould and mildew on your household surfaces.

No matter how fastidious you are with your cleaning routine, that annoying mould and mildew will inevitably still grow along with a build up of minerals and soap scum. EnduroShield Tile and Grout works to minimise, and in some cases eliminate, this issue whilst greatly reducing your cleaning time by up to 90%!

This product is ideal for tiled areas in your kitchen, laundry, bathroom and general living areas. It’s also great for porcelain and ceramic surfaces such as basins, toilet bowls and shower recesses.

Our team of certified applicators will thoroughly clean your surfaces prior to application of the product, and with regular maintenance your surfaces will remain sparkling with minimal cleaning effort!

What regular maintenance is required after the product has been applied?
We highly recommend the sole use of undiluted white vinegar on all treated surfaces. Simply spray the vinegar directly onto the surface, leave for 5-10 minutes and then wipe the surface with an EnduroShield Tile microfiber cloth provided upon initial treatment.

How often should I clean the treated surfaces?
All treated surfaces should be cleaned using the above directions at least once a week to retain the sparkling initial application condition. In some areas of the Perth metro area, the water supply to homes can be of a ‘harder’ nature, and leave behind mineral deposits which appear as white chalky marks, particularly seen on your shower recesses, screens, taps and sinks. Our Applications team will advise you should they believe this may occur at your home at the time of your initial application. This issue is easily solved by the installation of a water softener which will work with your initial EnduroShield application. Further information about water softeners can be found at www.totalwaterconcepts.com.au.

Can I apply the product myself?
Of course! DIY kits can be purchased from our online store (insert link) and instructions are very easy to follow. There is also an applications tutorial video (insert link) which will assist you. Alternatively, our Applications Team can provide a professional clean and apply the product for you. Our DIY kits provide a three year warranty.

We will give 10% off any other product competitior's written quote!