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Maintenance Cleaning Testimonials

"I would just like to send my sincere thanks to you and your staff, not only for such a quick response to my concerns, but also to have my problem resolved on the same day. Your advice regarding your product is appreciated and restores my faith that I have purchased a great product. Your staff on site were very professional and friendly and I would highly recommend you and the product. It's nice to know that when you voice concerns that you back it up with action. (Hence not by the original company it was purchased through but by people who provide the product which shows how much you stand by your product)."

N. Solomon - Carine WA (Maintenance Cleaning)

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It's easy to be green with EnduroShield

Maintenance Cleaning for Glass, Tiles & Grout and Stainless Steel

EnduroShield will not completely eliminate the necessity of cleaning but will cut down the time and effort you use by up to 90% and allow you to throw away all those expensive cleaners that you once used.

Maintaining your surface is simply a matter of wiping over the surface regularly with a microfibre cloth. Using a squeegee will also give excellent results. In some cases, a mild detergent or vinegar will also help. Contact Us for specific advice on your surfaces.

EnduroShield chemically bonds to your glass or tiles and cannot be removed under normal circumstances if the above procedure is followed. The use of scourers, abrasive cleansers and some calcium removal products is unnecessary if proper maintenance is followed, and will damage the application, thereby voiding your warranty.

Clean Savers Personal Maintenance Programme

The ability to keep your glass, tiles & grout and stainless steel surfaces clean without using harsh chemicals or abrasive products is one of the main benefits of having EnduroShield applied, but for a lot of people, the convenience of a professional, regular maintenance service is too good to ignore.

For those customers, who often include hotel managers and commercial clients, remote site workers, time-poor executives, and even busy parents with big families who have better ways to spend their time!, Clean Savers offers a regular maintenance programme, specific to your personal needs.

Depending on many factors, such as your particular environment, the amount of use the surface gets, the type of contaminants the surface is exposed to, your personal situation and more... Our friendly staff will schedule a suitable maintenance programme, to ensure all your treated surfaces remain in the high quality condition they were in after application.

Contact Us today on 1800 015 653 and start enjoying your spare time!